Effective and Reliable Supply Chain Management Solutions

Calex Integrated Supply Chain Solutions provides the trucks, drivers, warehouses, and asset-based logistics to help companies of all sizes maximize the efficiency in their supply chain management and distribution network.

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We specialize in full truck load transportation, warehousing, real estate development, and a range of other third-party logistics services. We have been operating from Northeast Pennsylvania since 1974, and we have stuck to our mission statement all these years: “say what you can do and do what you say.”

We strive to consistently add new technology while maintaining an old-fashion commitment to customer service so you can get storage and shipping solutions you need.

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Warehouse: Storage & Handling

We provide food-grade storage, dry storage, refrigerated and frozen storage, outside storage, short- and long-term storage.

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Move your products with temperature control, dry van, Conestoga, and flatbed freight services throughout the United States.

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Calex Logistics is looking to hire talented, motivated people who are interested in a challenging and dynamic career.

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What Is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Put simply, supply chain management refers to the activities and technologies that improve and streamline a product’s flow from raw material until it is finally delivered to the end customer.

While most companies understand the need for an effective supply chain, too many of them rarely paid attention to the aspects of the process that fell outside their everyday business activities. They simply assumed that those parts of the process would somehow take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, this usually resulted in confused and disjointed (i.e. inefficient) supply chains.

Effective SCM can involve a wide variety of activities, including:

  • Product development
  • Sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Integrated planning and execution processes
  • Effective information systems
  • Inventory management and storage
  • Demand planning
  • Production
  • Transportation

Getting all these elements to work together can be a challenge. It is certainly a complex and involved process that requires everyone along the chain to work together to be more efficient and reduce potential risks.

At Calex ISCS, we are committed to the kind of customer support that makes supply chain management more effective. You will be involved in every part of the warehousing and transportation process so you can see exactly how your products are getting to their destination.

What are the Benefits of SCM?

Is it worth the effort to get involved in every step of your supply chain? What benefits can you expect for your investment in the process?

While every business is different, you can expect:

  • Increased profits
  • A clear competitive advantage
  • Better risk management
  • Quality improvements
  • Lower overhead
  • More sustainability
  • Less waste and fewer inefficiencies
  • Cash flow improvements
  • Increased ability to predict customer demand
  • Meet customer demand more effectively

You can start experiencing these benefits for yourself when you work with Calex to manage your supply chain.

Warehouse Storage and Transportation Services

Getting your products safely from point A to point B and through all the stops in between requires a reliable and effective combination of warehousing and transportation services. At Calex ISCS, we can work with you to provide the solution you need.


Safe and reliable storage is a critical element of our supply chain management solutions, and our warehouses can help you lower overhead costs and capital investments. We can build to suit and offer a full array of third-party logistics services, from procurement to the end user.

We have everything you need to reach 50% of the U.S. population same or next day from our facilities.

Calex warehouse storage solutions include:

  • Dry storage, refrigerated and frozen storage, outside storage, and short- or long-term options.
  • Cross docking, de-container, and pick and pack services.
  • Pricing by the each, the case, the pallet or in bulk.
  • Realtime, fully integrated warehouse management software with online access.
  • A fleet of lifts with carton clamps, pull-slip sheet, paper roll clamp, outdoor heavy capacity, and more.
  • Automatic label application, high-speed shrink wrapping, variety packing, seasonal gift packages, and special promotions.

We offer the flexibility you need to get the right storage options for your products, and we can easily integrate our warehousing and transportation services for a complete solution.

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Whether you’re transporting raw materials or fragile consumer products, our shipping services ensure the safe delivery of your cargo.

 Calex trucks provide:

  • Temperature controlled environments for perishables, including frozen and fresh food, no matter how far you’re shipping them.
  • Dry van, flatbed, and Conestoga shipping options.
  • Visibility from pickup to delivery with our satellite tracking system.
  • 99.7% on-time service history.
  • JIT and multimode for domestic U.S. transportation.

We have extensive experience transporting goods for a wide range of clients and industries, and we are committed to delivering your products from point A to point B as safely and efficiently as possible.

Contact us today to find out how we can help move your goods.

Experienced and Professional

We’ve been shipping products across the country for decades. We’ve seen it all and we’ve dealt with a wide range of unexpected situations – always learning and growing so we can deliver an even better services for our clients.

You can rely on our experience to ensure the safe delivery of your goods and our professionalism to support your brand.

At Calex, we treat everyone on both sides of the delivery with the respect and courtesy that they deserve.

Safety is Priority ONE at Calex

At Calex, we put the safety of your products, our associates, and the general public first in all our decisions.

We are concerned about the safety of every shipment, so we work to keep every vehicle running as efficiently as possible with the most recent technological solutions in our trucks and at our warehouses.

Every year, our trucks travel nearly 15 million miles, delivering a wide range of products all over the country. Anything could happen out there, which means it takes complete focus and dedication from the whole team to make sure we’re doing everything we can to maintain the highest levels of safety.

Why Work with Calex ISCS?

Our commitment to our customers hasn’t changed since 1974: “Say what you can do and do what you say”.

We provide clear, honest, and direct information about our services, and our staff can help you discover a wide range of shipping and storage options to reduce your costs while improving your supply chain management.

Just a few examples of our services include:

  • Negotiated in excess of $1M in savings for a manufacturer in Nevada-DC relocation.
  • Without fail, subscribers in the U.S. enjoy their Sunday morning paper.
  • Supermarkets sell families fresh produce and vegetables knowing their products have been transported and handled contamination free.
  • Calex ISCS has been delivering what we say with real assets behind the phone since 1974.

Discover What Calex Can Do for You

Calex has built up a strong infrastructure so we can handle more loads, regular shipments, and flexible warehousing options. We can provide the drivers, trucks, and storage so you can rely on us to keep your products moving.

Everyone from our dispatchers and managers to drivers and mechanics are committed to smoothly, safely, and effectively processing and shipping your products.

Get in touch with us today or get an online quote and see what we can do for you.