Outside Storage Unit Warehousing Solutions

There are several options for outside storage warehousing solutions, but they do require a few extra processes and controls to ensure that the products and containers out there remain safe and protected from the elements.

The procedures for moving goods into and out of a warehouse are well established, and we apply those same strategies, tasks, and processes to our outside storage units, too. On top of that, we always ensure that the products or materials in these locations remain just as safe as those inside our warehouses.

While a large number of products do require the environmental control that comes with indoor storage, if your products can be stored outside, there could be some useful benefits.

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Optimizing Outdoor Storage

An outside storage space needs to be more than a place where the overflow ends up. It needs to be about creating storage areas that receive the same amount of security and organization that any indoor spaces do.

In other words, these spaces are not created out of necessity. They’re created out of a desire to provide the most effective warehousing solution for specific types of goods and materials.

This, of course, means that steps have to be taken to optimize the storage and retrieval process. The ground has to be properly covered to avoid potential issues with dirt and mud. Our forklifts have to be able to get in and out of every area quickly and easily, and the staff also has to be able to traverse the area without creating any bottlenecks.

At Calex, we approach outdoor storage spaces the same way we organize, inventory, and pick and pack from our indoor spaces.

What Can Be Stored Outdoors?

Only certain products can validly be stored outside. They must be strong and durable and have characteristics that won’t be negatively impacted by the elements.

Even then, we may recommend storing everything inside, if possible, just to make sure your products receive every bit of protection possible. However, if they do have the kind of strong characteristics required for outdoor storage, this may be an option that could improve your supply chain efficiency.

Of course, products that require refrigerated or dry storage are not appropriate candidates for this type of warehousing.

Warehouse Management and Yard Management Software

Just because the products are held outside, that doesn’t mean they’re outside of our cutting-edge warehouse management (and yard management) software.

At Calex, we implement the most up-to-date warehouse management system to make sure everything goes to its proper place, whether that’s inside the warehouse or outside of it. This ensures the safety of your products while making it easier to process orders in and out of the proper zone.

We use this software on our outdoor spaces just like we do any other zone in the warehouse, so we know exactly where everything is stored, who is available to work the zone, and whether or not pick and pack services are available.

This way, we can streamline our processes to optimize your inventory storage, tracking, and shipping.

Explore the Calex Facilities

Calex owns and operates our own warehousing facilities so we can easily set up these outside storage solutions while offering some pretty flexible terms.

Our warehouse staff is trained to the highest standards, and they are committed to the safety of your products and the efficiency of your shipments. We also employ the latest in security technology to make sure the yard has as much protection as the warehouse.

Experienced Warehouse and Yard Managers

Whether in the yard or in the warehouse, your products are in good hands. Our managers are trained to oversee and control the activities in all of our storage facilities and make sure that your products are safe.

We train our staff to:

  • Follow all the necessary safety protocols
  • Keep all your products safe and accessible
  • Properly document all inbound and outbound shipments
  • Optimize the storage areas for maximum efficiency
  • Follow all the rules for regulated materials
  • Use the WMS to increase efficiency
  • Plan for potential seasonal shifts

Why Calex ISCS?

Calex is dedicated to the safe storage and delivery of your products, which means that the safety and security in our outside storage units are part of our commitment to always “Say what you can do and do what you say.”

We provide clear, honest, and direct information about our supply chain solutions and how we can help you reach your customers. We strive to help you discover the storage options that can reduce your costs while streamlining your operations.

A Safe and Reliable Warehousing Solution

At Calex, our strong and effective warehousing infrastructure allows us to handle more loads and regular shipments while offering a wide range of logistics services. Everyone on our warehousing staff is committed to ensuring that your products are treated with the best care possible.

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