Cross-dock warehousing makes it possible to distribute your products directly to a customer or retailer while minimizing the amount of handling and storage time. This has the potential to streamline certain supply chains and increase the opportunities to grow your business and get an edge on the competition.

How Does Cross-Docking Work?

The goal of cross-docking solutions is to keep your products moving as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Essentially, incoming products are sorted and processed right on the receiving dock and then loaded onto an outgoing truck to continue the journey. This means that your goods do not have to spend any more time at the warehouse than absolutely necessary, which cuts down on your storage costs and speeds your shipments.

Depending on your products or your route, some of your goods may be staged at the warehouse, but the overall goal is to keep things moving in and out with minimal storage and handling.

Most cross-docking can be handled with the same equipment used for traditional warehouse storage (pallets, forklifts, containers, loading docks, etc.), which allows us to:

  • Streamline the movement of products through the supply chain
  • Maximize throughput
  • Manage peak flows and avoid bottlenecks
  • Find more effective ways to use our resources

At Calex ISCS, our cross-docking system allows us to quickly unload and reload your products onto our outbound trucks so your shipment reaches its destination with minimal interruptions.

Cutting Edge Management Software

Effective warehouse management software (WMS) is crucial in any successful cross-docking operation. This provides the necessary data on any inbound and outbound goods while tracking and reporting what’s happening to our managers.

We also use our WMS to efficiently schedule tasks and personnel to avoid overlap and bottlenecks that might otherwise occur.

The Benefits of Cross-Docking

As products are unloaded from one truck, sorted, and directly reloaded onto the next truck, companies can experience several important benefits.

  • Products going to the same destination can be consolidated onto fewer trucks and larger shipments can be broken down into smaller groups for more efficient deliveries.
  • There need for storage space or pick and pack services is reduced, which means lower supply chain costs. This can free up a lot of capital for many companies.
  • Improved efficiency and delivery times. By simplifying the sorting and loading process, you can see quicker turnarounds on each shipment.
  • Minimize product movement and handling. Every time a product is moved, it increases the risk of incurring some kind of damage. Reducing or eliminating extra storage and handling helps keep your goods safe.

There are, of course, some other considerations for cross-docking. First, if your products are perishable and require refrigerated shipping, it will require some very precise cross-dock scheduling to ensure your goods spend the minimum amount of time outside of a refrigerated environment.

Second, this is an effective solution when the final destination is within comparatively close proximity to the warehouses since a cross-country journey will likely not be as impacted by a little more time in storage.

Full Supply Chain Integration

Cross-dock and warehousing services are important parts of our full supply chain management solutions. Our warehousing facilities are all company-owned and operated, which means we can quickly implement the necessary tasks and plans to keep your products moving as efficiently as possible.

These warehouses are all conveniently located near to major metropolitan areas, so these types of deliveries are a great option for many companies.

But it’s not just about where you load and unload products. You can combine this service with our shipping solutions to see even more benefits, including:

  • Better ability to meet customer demand
  • Lower overhead
  • Higher ROI
  • Cash flow improvements
  • Risk management
  • Reduced inefficiencies
  • Sustainability
  • Better demand prediction

Working with Calex ISCS

Calex is committed to the safe and efficient delivery of your products and can use resources and experience to make sure that our cross-docking services contribute to your bottom line.

Our commitment to our customers is to always “Say what you can do and do what you say.”

We provide clear, honest, and direct information about our supply chain solutions and how we can provide warehouse storage solutions that meet your needs so you can reduce your costs while streamlining your operations.

A Professional Approach to Shipping and Handling

Shipping is a critical element of your supply chain and your brand, and how your products are handled between the first truck and the second is equally important. This can affect delivery times and the condition of the goods on arrival, which means it will have an impact on the perception of your brand.

Our knowledgeable warehouse managers dispatchers, drivers, and other staff members all contribute to your success, which is why everyone at Calex strives to ensure that every interaction on both sides of the pickup and delivery is conducted in a professional manner.

We want to help you make the best impression with your customers.

Is Cross-Docking the Solution for You?

We normally recommend cross-docking for companies that are dealing with significant demand for their products – whether that is a seasonal or regular, consistent need.

This shipping method allows you to manage the demand for these products and make sure that needs are met all along the supply chain. It can get your products into the hands of your retailer more efficiently, which means the end-user will also get their hands on their desired products sooner.

The end result is that you will have a leaner, more efficient supply chain while your customers will have access to the products they really want.

Get in touch with us today or get an online quote and find out if this is the right solution for you.