Warehouse Inbound/Outbound Carrier Appointments

Reliable, Safe, and Efficient Warehouse Services

How products are stored is as important as how they are transported. Calex provides food-grade storage, dry storage, and outside storage in clean and well maintained facilities. We also offer short- and long-term warehousing, so you always have access to convenient, reliable, and safe storage space.

Get Warehouse Services You Can Rely On

Calex warehousing solutions can help your company reduce overhead costs and capital investments by offerring a wide array of third-party logistics services, from procurement to the end user.

When you work with Calex for your storage solutions, you will get:

  • Storage Space– Choose to keep your products in interior dry storage or in outside storage. All options are available for short- or long-term contracts.
  • Additional Services– Cross dock, de-container, and pick-and-pack solutions to help streamline the supply chain.
  • Flexible Pricing– Pricing by the each, by the case, by the pallet, or in bulk, flexible to your situation.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology– Online access to our real-time, fully integrated WMS so you will always know your inventory status.
  • Material Handling Equipment– Our experienced associates operate a fleet of lifts with carton clamps, pull-slip sheet, paper roll clamp, barrel clamp, double pallet, and outdoor heavy capacity.

Calex Warehouses

Our warehousing facilities are company-owned and operated, providing our customers flexible terms.

Calex associates are certified and committed to handling products at the highest standard.

Calex has the latest WMS systems in place for inventory control and warehouse management.

Warehouse Management Systems

The technology that keeps our warehouses running at peak efficiency continues to change and evolve. At Calex, our warehouse management system (WMS) provides the tools we need to keep everything moving as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

We use the WMS to eliminate a range of manual processes while optimizing your inventory storage, tracking, workload distribution, and shipping. It’s also what allows us to provide as much transparency as we can so you are always connected to your inventory and know exactly what is in stock and when you’ll need to consider another shipment.

Calex Warehouse Managers

The people who run our warehouses are just as important as the technologies we use to protect them.

Our managers oversee and control the activities in our facilities to ensure that the day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible and see that every load is handled with the utmost care. These people are trained to:

  • Make sure that all the best safety practices are strictly followed
  • Keep all the products both safe and accessible
  • Optimize the warehouse layout to increase efficiency
  • Record and document all the inbound and outbound shipments
  • Make use of the WMS to increase effectiveness
  • Plan and manage increased or reduced inventory levels during seasonal shifts
  • Follow all the necessary requirements for regulated materials

When you work with Calex, you won’t need to hire and train your own managers. Our staff is highly trained and ready to help you through this entire process.

Streamline Your Supply Chain Management

Expand your distribution capabilities and make sure you can consistently meet the needs of your customers by streamlining your supply chain management.

Our warehousing system and technology allows you to develop this part of the supply chain by increasing your distribution options, reducing the risk associated with storing at your own facilities, and consolidate much of your business in other areas.

Whether you’re looking for long-term storage or expect to turn the inventory over quickly with our fulfillment services, Calex has the warehousing solution you need.

Integrate Storage and Shipping Services with Calex

Connect to 50% of the U.S. population same or next day from our facilities. Our shipping and warehousing solutions provide a real competitive edge.

Our warehouse facilities are:

  • 60 miles to New Jersey
  • 120 miles to NYC / Long Island
  • 125 miles to Philadelphia
  • 225 miles to Washington DC / Baltimore
  • 310 miles to Boston
  • 575 miles to Charlotte

Our company operated fleet of dry vans and refrigerated trailers will connect you to the highest concentration of customers overnight. We ensure your products travel to customers safely across the country.

Store Your Products with Calex

Calex has an effective warehousing infrastructure and trusted shipping capability, you can rely on us to protect and organize your inventory and safely and timely ship to customers throughout the United States.

Everyone on our warehousing staff is committed to the safe handling and shipping of your products.

Get in touch with us today or get an online quote and learn the benefits we provide.