Pick and pack is a system of order fulfillment in which warehouse staff members receive a specific order and then find and package all the required products for shipping.

There are several important benefits that come with this method of fulfillment, including improved efficiencies, better accuracy, and the potential to fill more orders (and keep clients happy).

At Calex ISCS, our warehouse storage services include the use of cutting-edge technology, material handling equipment, and other fulfillment services so you can get the most effective solution for your company’s needs.

The Pick and Pack Definition

The name pretty much says it all: this is a fulfillment process in which specific items and quantities in an order are “picked” from their individual locations throughout the warehouse. Each of these items is then “packed” in the correct packaging materials, boxes, and with all the necessary documents.

From that point, the packages can be loaded and shipped to their final destination.

The Pick and Pack Process

An effective pick and pack process requires a dedicated staff and a highly organized warehouse storage system.

This process starts when the products first arrive at the warehouse. Each of them must be carefully inventoried in the warehouse management system and stored according to the products’ individual requirements (size, perishability, etc.). This high-level inventory system makes it easy to plan the loading and unloading processes, keep an on the available resources, and direct all the relevant tasks efficiently.

Pre-planning our warehousing services makes it easier to implement zone picking, batch picking, or wave picking, depending on the client’s needs. This is especially important when larger orders come in, and everything needs to be properly grouped together to make picking and packing even more reliable.

Zone picking, for example, gives us the ability to divide the warehouse into areas and assign groups of employees to each one. These employees know what’s in their zones and how to handle them safely and efficiently, whether they’re dealing with full pallets or individual products.

This is still a flexible process, though, and changes can be made quickly to manage any shifts in operational needs.

Once the order has been picked, the packaging materials need to be prepared, based on the needs of the products. This is also the point in which promotional materials, instructions, and other documentation can be added to the packages.

From there, it’s simply a matter of shipping it to its final destination.

The Benefits of Omnichannel Fulfillment

Pick and pack (sometimes called “omnichannel”) fulfillment offers a number of important benefits for producers, including:

Improved Efficiencies – You can store all your products at a single warehouse so you don’t have to gather goods from several different facilities. More than that, when your packaging is handled on the same location, it speeds things up even more. This improves the efficiency of your shipments by eliminating unnecessary steps between you and your customers.

High-Tech Solutions – Our warehouse management system is designed for efficiency and integral to our pick-and-pack process. This allows us to avoid overlapping orders, create a better warehouse layout, and make sure that we’re hitting your delivery dates on time.

More Cost Effective – This process can be applied to large and small orders, which means it’s possible to save money depending on the size of your order. There are also other potential savings depending on the type of freight or other variables.

Shorter Turnaround Times – Our management software and highly trained warehouse personnel make it possible to fulfill and ship products at a faster rate (without sacrificing any of the accuracies that our clients expect).

Explore the Calex Facilities

Calex owns and operates its own warehousing facilities so we can provide the solutions you need along with some pretty flexible terms, including additional services such as pick-and-pack fulfillment.

Our warehouse staff is trained to the highest standards, and they are committed to the safety of your products and the efficiency of your shipments.

We have filled each of our buildings with the latest in security systems and the latest management software so we can effectively control the inventory and help you maintain a reliable and sustainable supply chain.

Warehouse Fulfillment Operations

You can take advantage of these additional services at our warehouses to minimize the risks and redundancies that can occur when your fulfillment activities are spread across multiple locations.

At Calex, we can provide automatic label application, box tapers, seasonal gift packages and promotions, high-speed shrink wrapping and more. When you combine that with our warehouse management system, you can expect:

  • Lower overall costs
  • Support from a dedicated staff
  • Inventory alerts to make sure everything is received and shipped on time
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • More effective inventory control

Contact us today and find out how Calex can manage this part of your supply chain so you can focus on developing and manufacturing your best products.

Streamlining Your Supply Chain

When you choose pick-and-pack order fulfillment, you can be more flexible with your distribution efforts while consistently meeting the needs of your customers.

Our supply chain solutions make it easy to combine all these elements – picking, packing, and shipping – under a single roof, so you can minimize your risks, increase your efficiencies, and keep your costs manageable.

A Safe and Reliable Warehousing Solution

At Calex, our strong and effective warehousing infrastructure allows us to handle more loads and regular shipments while offering a wide range of logistics services. Everyone on our warehousing staff is committed to accurate pick and pack order fulfillment.

Get in touch with us today or get an online quote and see what we can do for you.