Refrigerated freight transportation is responsible for moving billions of tons of perishable products every year. At Calex ISCS, we are positioned to provide the reliable, temperature-controlled shipping you need to reach destinations all over the country while maintaining the integrity and shelf-life of your products.

Refrigerated shipping is a critical element of the supply chain. Our specialists, drivers, and warehouse managers will work to ensure that your products are protected and maintained as they move from your facilities to the retail shelves.

Understanding the Challenges of Refrigerated Shipping

Traditional shipping services are fairly straightforward, but when you’re shipping cold, perishable products, it’s going to require a few more processes and procedures – along with the right equipment – to ensure that everything arrives in an unaltered state and ready to hit the shelves.

Some of the common challenges associated with refrigerated shipping include:

  • Making sure that the point of origin and the final destination are within a certain distance from each other.
  • Maintaining the equipment for handling cold products.
  • Correctly storing and loading frozen or perishable goods on or off the trucks and into and out of warehouse storage.
  • Moving inventory efficiently to ensure products never spend time waiting in a non-refrigerated environment.
  • Being extremely accurate with delivery times.

Most of these challenges are directly related to the temperature sensitivity of the products in transit, which means that routes must be planned perfectly, the warehousing logistics have to be considered, and loading and unloading processes have to work without a hitch.

At Calex, we are committed to protecting your products from the moment our drivers arrive for the pick-up all the way until they reach their final destination.

Cold Supply Chain Solutions

The “cold chain” is essentially a supply chain solution that is focused on delivering frozen or perishable goods. It relies heavily on refrigerated trucks and warehouses to protect products that have a very sensitive shelf-life – one that could be negatively impacted by even minor temperature shifts.

At Calex, we carefully transport these products following very specific planning, packaging and shipping instructions. This is the only way to effectively maintain their integrity.

This means that we work to provide consistent temperature control throughout the entire route so that your products won’t be altered in a way that might reduce their shelf-life, efficacy, or freshness.

Reliable Temperature Controlled Shipping

As the number of goods that require this kind of extra care continues to grow, it becomes more and more important to have a shipping partner who can help you meet the demand for these perishable products as well as the regulations from government agencies.

At Calex ISCS, we continue to develop our own processes for better flows, better electronic tracking, and better visibility into the supply chain. We are always looking for ways to improve our refrigerated freight shipping and warehousing, so you can continue to get better service, on-time deliveries, and reliable revenue.

A Professional Approach from Start to Finish

Shipping is a critical element of your supply chain and your brand. Timely deliveries, effective refrigerated storage and transportation, knowledgeable warehouse managers and dispatchers, and even the person behind the wheel of the truck all contribute to the perception of your brand.

Everyone at Calex strives to ensure that every communication and every interaction on both sides of the pickup and delivery conduct themselves in a professional manner so they can always leave a great impression.

Full Supply Chain Integration

Our refrigerated freight services are another part of our full supply chain management solutions.

Our warehousing facilities are all company-owned and operated, giving us the ability to offer flexible terms while carefully controlling the environmental conditions.

On top of the temperature-controlled spaces, you can also get:

  • A range of storage space options
  • Flexible pricing
  • High-tech security and monitoring
  • Cutting-edge warehouse management technology
  • Material handling equipment
  • Fulfillment services

These warehouses are all conveniently located to make deliveries much more effective, even when your products must be refrigerated along the way. By combining your warehousing and transportation services this way, you can expect:

  • Higher ROI
  • Lower overhead
  • Effective risk management
  • Reduced inefficiencies
  • Sustainability
  • Cash flow improvements
  • A competitive advantage
  • Better demand prediction
  • More ability to meet customer demand

Why Work with Calex ISCS?

Uncontrolled shipping temperatures lead to significant losses for companies every year. It can hurt the producers, the transporters, and the retailers if those products don’t make it safely to the shelf.

Calex is committed to the safe delivery of your sensitive, frozen, and perishable products.

We make temperature-controlled shipping a priority from start to finish as part of our commitment to always “Say what you can do and do what you say.”

We provide clear, honest, and direct information about our refrigerated shipping services and how we can better help you reach your customers. We strive to help you discover the shipping options that can reduce your costs while streamlining your operations.

Get in touch with us today or get an online quote and see what we can do for you.