Consistent, Reliable and Cost-effective Supply Chain Management

Ian Bell

How often have you called a company only to be told they could not help you?  Yet a customer’s need should be their main focus.  Sometimes a request is cost-prohibitive. Shouldn’t there be options?  We too have experienced this exact situation while running our own business.

Calex’s purpose is to help companies of all sizes maximize the efficiency in their supply chain and distribution network. We strive to maintain alignment with the current and changing needs of the marketplace by staying proactive.  We have recently introduced a “Cool Ride” program to our current customers and are also rolling it out to new customers as an option to make it easier to choose the right carrier, Calex!  The Cool Ride program offers LTL shipments on refrigerated or dry capacity loads out of Northern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, shipping to the Southern states.  *See attachment for pricing and specifics.

With that being said, Calex is happy to announce that we recently increased our driver pay by 10% and introduced a new health care package for drivers and family.  Focusing on these market changes, we look for the opportunity to strengthen our core, and offer training programs to newer drivers while attracting qualified and experienced drivers so that we are capable of leading at every turn.

Calex has been a family owned company since 1974, and know the supply chain management process and warehouse efficiency standards. We are up to date with today’s latest technology but maintain an old-fashioned commitment to customer service.  If you should need either or both of these services please consider Calex to provide your company with expert service levels that will help you maintain your highly regarded reputation in the marketplace.  For any additional information please contact our office at 570-602-3142.


Calex ISCS

Calex Cool Ride Program – 2017 – PAE Origin

Calex Cool Ride Program – 2017 NJN Origin

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