How Back-Office Automation Allows Calex ISCS to Do and Say More

Ian Bell
Business Ideas

Since 1974 Calex ISCS’ mission has been to “Say what you can do and do what you say,” and with a 99.7% on-time service history, they have the stats to prove it.

But with the technological transformation that’s happening in the transportation and logistics industry today, Calex ISCS also recognizes that it must continue to evolve, embrace change, and find even greater efficiencies to continue to offer its customers the most competitive rates on the market.

In recent years, Calex ISCS has worked with Microdea, a document management and automation software company, and its product Synergize to revolutionize their back-office processes. The goal for Calex ISCS is to eventually to be completely paperless.

Digital documents are now accessible from anywhere, so looking up information is quick and easy. All invoices are now automatically emailed out, saving time and making cash flow more predictable. As Calex ISCS has continued to expand their services nationwide, there’s been no need to hire new Accounts Receivable staff – that’s the magic of using technology to run an efficient back office.

In the years to come, Calex ISCS plans to continue to expand its use of technology and to find greater efficiencies in every area of its business. When you’re running an efficient business, you’re able to say what you can do and do what you say, and that’s a promise Calex ISCS is just as committed to keeping as it was in 1974.



Guest Author: Steele Roddick

Steele Roddick is a Content Specialist at Microdea where he creates content that helps transportation companies drive their business forward. He’s endlessly fascinated by technology trends, chess, and discovering new places to travel with his wife.

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