Customer Testimonial

Ian Bell

At Calex ISCS, Customer Satisfaction is always our #1 priority. We pride ourselves on our service and dedication to our customers. Here’s another testimonial from one of our clients.

I am covering for my early morning process for a few days and was in to take delivery of our RDC truck this AM.

Over the past months, I have heard many great things regarding our driver, Chris, and the relationship he maintains with our team. He knows them all by name and has a reputation for being a positive influence and a great partner for our team. Just one of many examples… in order to plan and maintain communication before and during the recent storm, he maintained contact with the store team to ensure we were good and to assure us he would be there.

I had the pleasure once again to interact with Chris this morning and I thought it was important to thank him for his professionalism, commitment to working safely, his positive demeanor and helpful style. I know, from past retail experiences, how important a great driver is. Chris is an important and welcome part of our team and a pleasure to get to work with. We are lucky to have the consistency and partnership he provides every morning.

Please pass this along to anyone who has direct reporting relationships with Chris and let him know #3292 appreciates everything he does.”

Thank you Chris!!!!

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