Here’s How Calex Embraces Road Safety

Ian Bell

Safety is priority ONE at Calex. Keeping both our associates and the general public safe is on our minds each and every day. Our company travels approximately 15 million miles each year. As you can imagine it takes a focused team effort to make sure we are all doing the right thing at the right time. Here at Calex before any associate gets behind the wheel they must pass a Speed and Space Management Driving course.

Our training focuses on safety basics. Here are some of the highlighted areas: proper speed, proper spacing, and staying alert to changing weather, road conditions (merging and turning) along with staying aware of the ever changing surroundings they travel in. No accident is a good accident so our focus remains the same: Safety is priority ONE.

Speed can be a huge factor in accidents. Whether someone is going too fast and can’t react in time to a stopped vehicle or someone is going too slow for traffic conditions, causing vehicles to have to dangerously pass them, maintaining the proper speed is an essential safety practice. Our focus is to train each associate to operate at the correct speed which allows them to react to most situations.

Proper vehicle spacing is critical to operating a tractor trailer safely. One of our nation’s biggest reasons for accidents is tailgating. Our drivers are trained to maintain the proper safety distance at all times. If you’ve never driven a tractor trailer you’d be surprised on just how long (and feet) it takes to stop one. We tell all of our associates we (our drivers) are the professionals we need to be better than everyone else on the road. By maintaining a safe following distance many accidents can be avoided.

Lately our industry has brought another interesting topic into focus: Driver complacency. This occurs in some cases due to the amount of miles driven week in and week out. Calex is addressing that issue through retraining. One of the things we’ve learned is like anything else, once you continually and repetitively do something habits (i.e. become lax or unfocused) cause us believe that we can do things that we normally wouldn’t. Remaining sharp & aware of road conditions and surroundings allows our associates to notice situations before they become problems and allow them to avoid them entirely.

As long as everyone maintains these basic tenets accidents can be minimized. While we do realize that some accidents cannot be avoided, we do everything in our power to do the right thing each and every day.

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