New Kenworth’s are arriving this year!

Ian Bell

Calex prides itself on keeping up with technology, and we are once again upgrading our fleet with the addition of more new Kenworth T680 tractors.

The T680 is the most advanced and aerodynamic truck ever produced by Kenworth. It’s design was created after countless hours of CFD, track, and real world testing. The technology included in this model is amazing.

The PACCAR MX-13 engine is state of the art. With a high pressure common rail fuel system and a high power to weight ratio Kenworth’s new engine boast higher fuel economy than their previous engines. Built from compacted graphite iron, the block has improved durability while reducing weight for ease of service. Paired with the Eaton Advantage automated manual transmission this tractor is greatly improved over Kenworth’s older models.

– Kenworth Idle Management System: This battery based system helps fleets cut down their idle time in hot and cold climates by $3,000 to $4,000 annually per truck.
– Tire Pressure Monitoring System: The TPMS monitors each individual tire and reports back to the driver in real time, allowing for optimum pressure for improved fuel economy and reducing the potential for dangerous blowouts.
– Speed Control Management Systems: Engine software encourages the driver to up-shift at lower RPMs by reducing power. It also encourages drivers to drive in top gear by limiting RPM in the one gear below top gear.
– Adaptive Cruise Control: Kenworth’s adaptive cruise control system uses integrated proximity sensors with the engine and braking system to help maintain a steady distance from traffic while maintaining speed.
– Trailer Skirts & Tail: Improves fuel mileage by reducing the low pressure zone at the rear of the trailer and controls air flow below and around the trailer.
– Dead Axle Tandem 6×2 Configuration: This configuration improves fuel mileage through power train efficiency, reduced parasitic drive train loss and weight savings.
– Wide-base Super Single Tires: Reduces weight by 300 lbs and improves fuel mileage.

New Kenworth

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