Calex ISCS implements Lytx’s safety cameras

Ian Bell

Calex Integrated Supply Chain Solutions is announcing the implementation of Lytx’s product, DriveCam, into our fleet.

The DriveCam program addresses safety by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching.  Calex has made the decision to incorporate DriveCam’s solution as part of its operational initiatives to identify and target the top behaviors contributing to fleet risk.  DriveCam’s model identifies behavioral improvement opportunities for increased safety through an iterative process of scoring, prioritizing, and tracking the results of driving behaviors. In-cab video captures driving behavior, which is objectively reviewed and scored, and then passed on to our fleet for use in coaching drivers. Calex will manage the DriveCam program through a web-based online portal.

We recognize the importance of investing in technologies like DriveCam that enable us and our professional drivers to make continuous improvements in safe practices and driving behaviors.

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