Freelance journalist travel cross county with Calex.

Ian Bell
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When we enjoy the work we do, it makes for a higher quality of life.

Driving a truck across the country, then, could be a life-changing career for some people. For others, it might be a significant challenge that feels like anything but a high quality of life.

So, what’s it really like out there on the road? What type of personality would this life appeal to?

It’s a question more people ask than you might think.

So much so that a reporter hopped in a truck with one of our drivers to find out.

Life on the Road

It’s a story of “freedom,” job satisfaction, and the realities of the truck driving life, as Calex driver Ron Bartoli opened his cab to freelance writer Ross Ufberg during a cross-country delivery from Pittston, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California.

Ron says it best during the on-the-road interview:

“There’s a whole world out there just waiting for you to see. I’ve been in 48 states and I can’t tell young folks enough. Just drive. There’s so much out there. And you get paid to do it. What’s better than that?”

There are some other great things this article highlights, like when Ron talked about repairing the relationship between cars and trucks on the road.

“Ron knows that for most Americans, trucks are just things to get around. He wishes car drivers were more understanding. Truckers don’t have an easy job, yet without them, you wouldn’t have your milk in the morning or your newspaper at night.”

If you have any interest in the freedom of life on the road, we can’t recommend this article highly enough.

What’s with the Driver Shortage, Then?

If life as a trucker is so great, why do we keep hearing about the current driver shortage?

There are a lot of theories around this, but the simplest answer is that a lot of people out there don’t really have a true image of what life as a driver is like.

That is why we think that articles like this one are so important. They provide a window into this life and open up the possibilities to so many more people who are looking for a (literal) change of scenery.

Driving for a Living

It’s not always easy, and takes the right kind of person— but has some of the best rewards a career can offer. We’re proud to be an industry leader in shipping services and keeping products moving across our beautiful country.

Calex remains inspired by real stories like this one.

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